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Support Desk

Support Desk

Welcome to My Privacy DNS

You have probably been wondering why we are hiding who owns our domains used to run and maintain the RPZ zones.

The reason is actually rather simple, and yet very very sad, and the very reason why this project has been born.

The free and open DNS service is violating laws in many countries for ex. Denmark, which actually isn't a democratic country... there are lots of censoring going on, and laws that say you have to block access to 10000's of domains if you run an open DNS server. Some of these domains are applied by laws, while others by companies such as Sony and interest organizations.

Another reason we are here is because it's bad for the free democracy that commercial companies and governments are tracking all of your activities on all kinds of devices with internet access; and YES even your TV and Radio collect data about you.

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MyPdns is an open-source project by which we would like to try to minimize the risk of today's lack of privacy on the internet.

A little about the P in the domain, The P symbolizing words like Privacy, Political, Practical and Powerful. If you can come up with more words, please do add them here (This is a wiki).

All aspects of have been designed with the single goal to help people securing their privacy while staying out of the way and imposing as little as possible.


My Privacy DNS Team @my-privacy-dns